• Age:
    24 y.o.
  • Height:
    190 cm
  • Weight:
    80 kg

If you want a great, thorough, relaxing massage, we suggest you try out Eric. Eric is a tall man with excellent physique and beautiful, toned arms.

Eric gathered experience as a masseur in Italy, namely at the Centro del Metodo. Before we accepted Eric into our parlour, he worked some time in Genova as a masseur; following his education. When he came, Eric brought a part of Italy with him.


We were glad to notice that Eric’s combination of handsome looks and Italian charm made him a favorite among many of the ladies.

We recommend Eric for classic erotic massages. He has a very sensitive touch and always is keenly aware of what his client needs. Eric gives care and attention into each motion and it shows.

Or if you want to unwind, just follow our advice – join Eric and see where it goes. We can promise he is always gentle.