Nuru Massages Prague – Experience Japanese style in the heart of Europe

Experiencing very best of the Nuru massages Prague offers is a perfect method of adding yet another and considerably exciting element to your stay in this wonderful city. We guarantee a genuine level of service comparable with actual top-level Japanese salons.

A little about the Nuru massages
Originating in Kawasaki city in Japan, this massage technique employs a very delicate tasteless and odourless gel commonly referred to as nuru gel. The word nuru can be translated as slippery, which is exactly what the gel’s main feature is.

It’s most important component is an extract from a species of seaweed Sphaerotrichia divaricata, which together with other ingredients forms the transparent substance.

Price of nuru massage
for 60 minutes 1800 Kč 75 EUR
for 90 minutes 2400 Kč 95 EUR
Masáž pro ženy

What should you expect?
Maybe you have never heard about nuru or in other words body-to-body massages and you are not so sure if you should give them a try. Be sure that if you choose to enjoy our Prague Nuru massage, you will definitely not regret your choice.

The massage will start with a shower, where the masseuse helps you to relax and get rid of any initial stress. Then your chosen masseuse takes you to the massage bed as she starts applying the gel. First on herself and then, via a direct body-to-body contact, on you as well.

This offers an extraordinary experience, since unlike in the case of a standard erotic massage not only hands are the tools used to achieve the desirable result, but even the very body itself. How could you not like the idea of a beautiful woman rubbing her warm body directly against that of your own? Through this method, a nuru massage offers a tactile sensation as an instrument to relieve from stress and helps with body relaxation.


Nuru Massage Prague – a unique chance to experience something new

If you are considering Prague body-to-body massage offered in our parlour, you can already believe that we will do our best for you. Our premises have been employed with the best, most comfortable appliances and materials. From showers to something as tiny as candles or the very vital nuru gel, we provide the very best in each area.

The most important factor

Although we are sure about the environment being very important, the absolutely crucial constituent of every massage is the masseuse herself. We can proudly announce that each of our masseuses performs at the very top level of her discipline. All of them are here ready to please you, our clients and to show what their hands and bodies can achieve when let loose upon you. Believe us when we tell you that in our salon you are about to experience the best body-to-body massage Prague can offer.

If you are still being a bit hesitant about enjoying our nuru massage in Prague, the best on the field of Czech body-to-body massages, just believe that our clients who did forgo the procedure once enjoyed every single moment of it and most of them had it since included into their list of favourite activities. We are pretty sure that you will love it just as much as they did or perhaps even more.