Massage for couples

If you want to spice up your sex live, an erotic couple massage in Prague may be what you are looking for. In our parlour, we see our client as the most important person of all.

We dedicate all of our facilities and time to the single goal of meeting and then exceeding all of our clients’ expectations. With couples who are also our clients in mind, we have tailored a new, must-have experience for them.

What is it?

Each partner from the couple receives an individual, hot erotic massage from a masseur or masseuse (girl and girl, or girl and boy). After the massage, the masseurs/masseuses leave and the couple can enjoy a happy ending together, in the privacy of the room.

Price of massage for couples
for 60 minutes 1800 Kč 75 EUR
for 90 minutes 2400 Kč 95 EUR
Masáž prostaty

Something new
We see the massage as an opportunity to breathe some fresh air into a longer-lasting relationship, or to experience something new and exciting. Having an erotic couple massage in Prague will turn up the heat between partners and allow them to experience the sensual touch of another without edging on infidelity.


An amazing experience

Our masseuses are trained to do amazing things with the body. Just imagine the masseuse’s slender fingers running up and down your body, teasing and touching it.

Sensually bringing you to the edge of orgasm, rubbing against you, feeling you… preparing you for the amazing climax with your partner. Whichever technique you require, our masseuses and masseurs perform to the highest standard.
A range of possibilities
We wish to give our clients the best possible experience in Prague. Whether you like to be touched and stimulated, receive a body-to-body massage or experience the spiritual, tantric exchange of sexual energies, our masseuses are more than happy to oblige.


Erotic couple massage in Prague – visiting our parlour for the first time

We did our best to ensure our client is properly served. If you choose to visit our parlour and feel the full range of sensations a couple massage can provide, we will make sure your experience is only the best of the best.
Getting started

When you arrive, you’ll first of all notice the beautiful ambiance of our parlour. The interior is sensual yet captivating; showing just enough to tease your curiosity. Its atmosphere is crackling with sexual energy, and stimulating for your secret fantasies. With us, they’ll all come to life.

The massage starts off with a shower which you can take together. We advise you do because you’ll be able to see one another wet and naked; your massage could start right then and there.
The erotic massage
We will instruct the masseuses and masseurs to cover you with special, stimulating oils. These improve your blood circulation and make skin more sensitive. During the massage, you will intensely feel every touch and fully experience the beautiful masseuse’s soft caresses.

It doesn’t matter which type of massage you’ll choose. With the sensual masseuse or masseur attending every erogenous zone of your body, slowly inching towards a spectacular climax, you will be in heaven.
Climax of the experience

Full of beautiful stimuli, still buzzing with sexual energy, we encourage you to fulfil the experience and approach your partner.

The masseuses will leave the room, giving you the privacy to enjoy wild, passionate sex. With the hot, exciting massage fresh on your mind and with the body of your partner pressed tightly against yours, it will be the best orgasm of your life.
Conclusion of the experience

We know such an intense orgasm will leave you feeling cleaned and in a good mood. You’ll be free to have another soothing shower with your partner… and so conclude your thrilling erotic experience.