Erotic massages for women are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and it is not surprising. Probably there is no lady or a girl who would not want to be pampered by the experienced hands of an attractive masseuse or a masseur who knows exactly how and where to touch.

You do not have to be ashamed or afraid of prejudices. Conversely, a sensual massage can help you find your way back to yourself and improve your sex life.

Price of massage for women
for 60 minutes 1500 Kč 60 EUR
for 90 minutes 2000 Kč 80 EUR
Relaxační masáž

Erotic Massages for Women – Overcome Your Shyness

It may not be easy for some women to visit our salon for the first time. However, we know very well how the well-being and the feeling of safety are both important particularly for ladies. The whole sensual massage procedure has been therefore adapted to their needs.

We will always fully respect your boundaries. It is up to you, what type of adventure you want to experience. The secrets of our massages can be discovered gradually. Then you can choose if you would like to be tickled softly with a feather on your erogenous zones, to be fondled gently or to get an intensive vaginal massage.


Massage pricelist

60-minute erotic massage for women – € 60, CZK 1.500

90-minute erotic massage for women – € 80, CZK 2.000


Sensual massage carries so many benefits

You will soon laugh at the fears you used to have. On the contrary, you will start enjoying the feeling of uniqueness that will come over you shortly. The following lines provide a list of the major benefits that a woman can achieve from a delicate erotic massage:

  • You will get to know yourself.
  • You will try something unique.
  • The sensual massage can help you clear your mind of stress.
  • You will enhance and wake up your feminine energy.
  • The erotic massage will improve your self-esteem.
  • It will boost your immunity system.


What is the process of an erotic massage?

You will be welcomed to the salon by a nice person, either a man or a woman, depending on your previous choice, with whom you want to enter the world of sensuality. Openness is very important, so do not be afraid to tell us at the very beginning what are your expectations from the course of the massage, what would you like to experience and what you don´t want to.


Following bath has got a relaxing effect and can calm your nerves

Then your nice guide will take you to the bathroom, where he will leave you for a little while to give you enough privacy take off your clothes. As soon as you are ready, you can take a hot bath together. While you are relaxing, your masseur or masseuse will soap your whole body. You will feel completely relaxed and fresh. If you can´t wait for the experience that will follow, you can only take a quick shower. You will see, however, that you will feel like a queen in a bath full of rich foam which you can enjoy together with a beautiful girl or a gallant man.


Feeling like a goddess

Once you are relaxed enough, you will move to the massage table, where you will enjoy the skilful fingers of our specialists. The beginning of the massage is very delicate. You will experience the tickling of ostrich feathers while the masseur gradually focuses on your erogenous zones. Your neck, earlobes as well as fingers, he will take care of all parts of your body. All the will disappeared. Conversely, you can´t wait for what will follow. At your request, you can lay on your back and enjoy a gentle nipple massage carried out using massage oils and emulsions with a spring flower scent.


You will reach your peak of pleasure

You can experience electrifying feelings, the excitement is growing and the atmosphere in the room becomes intense. The vaginal massage will kindle a flame that can no longer be extinguished. The excitement is slowly decreasing while you are enjoying the unusual feeling of relaxation. Pleasant feelings persist even after the massage. You will probably not want to leave!

Throw your shyness away and try the erotic massages for women right now. You will meet nice people, you will get to know your body and what turns you on.

Come visit our studio and enjoy what you deserve. And you will surely not regret!