Erotic Massage Prices


Take 2 hours Tantric massage and get a gift a nice time in Jacuzzi or in Sauna together with masseuse!

We accept cash only
1 USD = 20 czk
1 EUR = 25 czk

Classic Erotic Massage

one ladytwo ladies
30 min1000 czk/ 40 eur1500 czk/60 eur
60 min1500 czk/ 60 eur2500 czk/100 eur
90 min2000 czk/ 80 eur3500 czk/140 eur
120 min3000 czk/120eur4500 czk/180 eur

Nuru Massage (Body to Body)

one ladytwo ladies
30 min1500czk/60 eur2500 czk/100 eur
60 min1800 czk/ 75 eur3000 czk/120 eur
90 min2500 czk/ 100 eur3500 czk/140 eur
120 min3200 czk/ 130 eur4600 czk/ 185 eur

Tantric Massage

one ladytwo ladies
30 min1500 czk/ 60 eur2500 czk/100 eur
70 min2000 czk/ 80 eur3600 czk/145 eur

Relax Massage

one lady
60 min1500 czk/ 60 eur
90 min2000 czk/ 80 eur

Lingam Massage

one lady
40 min1500 czk/ 60 eur

5 Stars Massage (High Level)

two ladiesthree ladies
30 min3000 czk/120eur4500 czk/180 eur
90 min4000 czk/160eur6000 czk/ 240 eur

Outcall Massage

one ladytwo ladies
60 min2000 czk/80eur+ taxi3500 czk/140 eur+taxi
90 min3000 czk/120eur+taxi4500 czk/180 eur+ taxi

Professional sports Massage

one lady
40 min1500 czk/ 60 eur

Lomi Lomi Massage

one lady
60 min1800 czk/ 75 eur

Couple Massage

lady + lady or lady + boy
Erotic Couple Massage
60 min3000czk/ 120 eur
90 min4000 czk/160eur
Nuru Couple Massage( Body to Body)
60 min3600 czk/145 eur
90 min4600 czk/ 185 eur
Tantric Couple Massage
70 min4000 czk/160eur

Extra Services

Prostate massage+500 czk/20 eur
Footjob+500 czk/20 eur
Tenga egg+500 czk/20 eur
Private Dance10 min +600 czk/ 25eur
Footfetish+500 czk/20 eur
High heel+300 czk/15 eur
Jacuzzi+1000 czk/40 eur
Sauna+500 czk/20 eur

After 22.00 all massages cost

one ladytwo ladies
30 min1500 czk/60 eur2500 czk/100 eur
60 min2000 czk/80 eur3500 czk/140 eur
90 min3000 czk/120 eur5000 czk/200 eur

Happy  Hours from 10.00 to 15.00.

one lady

Tantric massage

70 min1800 czk/ 75 eur

In offer of our service we tried follow a motto: quality erotic massages – prices acceptable for every client. We created a perfect combination of services starting from classic erotic massage to a tantric massage or a nuru massage. However, you can also try a classic sports massage for muscle relaxation. All our services are suitable for both men and women and couples alike.


Our masseurs and masseuses belong to the best on the market, therefore their touch is the highest quality erotic experience available on the market of legal erotic services.


We accept payment not only in Czech crowns, but we also accept euros and USD according to an actual exchange rate.


Erotic Massage Prices – Additional Services

On top of our classic massages you have a possibility to order special services with the massage at an extra cost. These special offers can intensify your experience. We offer a prostate massage, a foot job, a private arousing dance or a bath in the Jacuzzi. These special offers are in hundreds of crowns, yet they make an erotic massage something you won’t easily forget.


The length of the Massage

The erotic experiences we offer differ in lengths. The very basic massage lasts for half an hour. But we also offer massages that are up to 120 minutes in length. With long-lasting massages, we offer significant discounts.


Special Offers

Other benefits can be gained if you decide to use our services in the morning or early afternoon. These are the times we offer special rates for some massages. A significant discount can be claimed if you opt for two masseuse girls instead of one. Imagine four hands massaging you instead of two!