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Erotic massage Prague with our masseuses you will enjoy to the maximum. If you had naver been to erotic massage before, don´t hesitate to to visit us. And if our words don´t persuade you about delight of our erotic massage, it will definitely do touches and hand movements of our masseuses on your body. Once erotic massage begins, your only wish will be let it never ends. Our erotic massage usually starts slowly and gently. Our masseuse will meet you first. She will lie you on the massage area and starts you to fondle you softly. At out place, erotic massage are aimed especially to your erogenous areas. You came to our place to live a very special sexual experience after all. So once your masseuse finishes a gently massage of the whole your body, she will start to take care of your the most erogenous zones. It happened to us more times that during the erotic massage our client found out he has erogenous zones even in the areas he haven´t know about them before. If our masseuse discover some of those, don´t hesitate to tell her about it. She will be more than happy to pay more attention to this spot. Once your body burns in desire for the highest possible arousal and you moan with pleasure, a gorgeous, naked masseuse is going to take care of your the most sensitive area. With her hands she will slide downstairs, to your penis. She will play with it like with the most precisious jewel. She will cuddle and fondle it. And for as long as you reach the point of no return. Once you are nicely done, the masseuse stays with you and she will continue cuddling. If you have enough energy and power, you can do another round. So during the erotic massage you can have as many orgasms as you are capable to have. After erotic massage you can enjoy a pleasant, refreshing shower with our nice beautiful masseuse.

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Do you know a “sex without sex”? Visit our erotic massage Prague and you will see how does it feel just to lay down and enjoy pleasant touches of our masseuses. They will be taking care of you like nobody else. You will feel their touches all over your body – and the most intensively on your intimate parts. Just try erotic massage Prague.


Our offers

  • Nurumassage
  • €75for 60 minutes
    • Gives you positive energy
    • Body to body massage
    • Cover with a slippery gel

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  • Eroticmassage
  • €60for 60 minutes
    • Stimulation of erotogenic zones
    • Combination of erotic and massage
    • Whole body massage
    • Body to body massage
    • Two masseuses

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  • Tantricmassage
  • €80for 75 minutes
    • Helps you to relax
    • Whole body massage
    • Throwing by ostrich feather

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Experience an awesome, unforgettable erotic massage in Prague, which offers you Erotic Massage Prague salon. Let your troubles pass away. Relax. Let our beautiful and sexy masseuses to take care of you. Your the only duty is to have fun and enjoy the whole erotic massage. We’ll take care of the rest!